Pomes del Cadí

Apple tree economy was a reference in all the area during 70’s. The type of apple that grows was well know around the country and gave some economic advantages for the citizens.


Actually, all Pyrenean area works for get back mountain apple trees. In 2012 a group of young people and Ponsa d’Arfa start to develop 4,2 ha of apple trees, under the brand of Pomes del Cadi.

As well you can find diferent type of projects in towns like Sant Llorenç de Morunys, Nèfol de Cerdanya, Esterri d’Aneu I Vielha.

We start the project to develop different type of economies. We start with different varieties of apple like golden, gala and granny smith. On 2014 we commercialise been the first apple tree company in the last 30 years.

We offer part of our land to IRTA (Research & Technology Institute) to make studies to improve the development of new varieties of apple trees.

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